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MAY 2020
Submitted by John Field
The month of May began with the use of the Gin Poles to lift unified sets of Truss Braces & Counter Braces (the X’s) up and out of the Cast Iron Shoes on the Bottom Chords and placed them temporarily fastened to the Mabey bridge to allow repair to the Bottom Chords. Repair and straightening the bottom chords is now well under way. During the completion of the disassembly process, the remaining wrought iron truss rods were removed and even more “maker’s marks” were discovered for a total of seventeen different manufacturers contributing to our original 1862 wooden bridge. Also, the portal buttresses were removed and work on the stone veneer in front of where the new abutments will be is underway. Preparation consists of cutting out damaged or weakened mortar joints and filling in those joints with fresh mortar, a process known as repointing. The excavation behind the veneer rock walls will begin soon in preparation for the construction of the new abutments on both ends.
Considering the swings in weather in May from high heat to considerable rain, the progress made by the great team of carpenters was impressive marking not only the completion of the disassembly phase, but more importantly the beginning of restoration and resuscitation.
The middle of June is the “one year” anniversary of the actual beginning of this project and we are looking forward to the completion before the end of this calendar year.
We will continue to update monthly...Please see the Ongoing Progress Photos and Videos by clicking on the button below where you will find the past months folders consisting of past month's photos and videos for you to view while the current month will be a list of the most current photos.
Comments and descriptions accompany the photos and videos as usual.
Our YouTube Videos by Herb Lindberg have been expanded beyond the usual monthly summary to include a 7-minute video on construction of the (stabilization) cradles in 2014 and subsequent soil tests near the south end of the bridge in 2015. Also, there is a short Summary of the progress made in 2019.
Be Safe and Stay Well...

Ongoing Progress Photos/Videos...


To see additional information regarding the bridge restoration project, click the link below.

More Bridge Restoration Information...

We Saved Our Park!

South Yuba River State Park


This show describes facilities and activities at the park, many of which would be lost if the park were closed even temporarily.


Also, it is a good place for new visitors to become familiar with the park's most important features and how they got there.


Save Our Park
Run Time 9:27 min




Latest fact sheet...


We can all take a minute to congratulate ourselves on this wonderful community wide effort to attain the funding necessary to begin restoration and to reopen this historic icon. We can savor how, working together, we accomplished this first major step to Save Our Bridge. Please see Campaign Updates column.


Plaque Presentation Photos...


Bridge Stabilization Groundbreaking

Ground Breaking Photos...

Ground Breaking Ceremony...


Phase 1 Bridge Stabilization - September, 2014

Phase 1 - Stabilization Photos...

Cradle Construction Photos...


Preparation For Bridge Restoration - April, 2015

Phase2 - Restoration Photos...

We also need to recognize and thank a large number of people and organizations for their unwavering support during this stage of the campaign. Please forgive us if we miss anyone:

The New Campaign Slogan Is “Save Our Bridge – You Can Help”


With restoration funding in place, we need to make sure that the project is continued to be identified and treated as a priority for the California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR). The restoration work is scheduled to begin in the late Spring or early Summer of 2018.


Construction work can begin as soon as the river water level drops enough to be determined safe to work. This historic Bridge is in a weakened condition. There is real urgency to begin the restoration project as soon as is possible.


We, as a community, need to work closely with DPR to monitor the progress of the project and make sure the repairs and restoration work is completed in a timely manner.

What You Can Do

We need you to stay involved and informed. Let DPR know that you want this project to be completed as soon as is possible. Check this website frequently for updates, and respond to future “Action Alerts”, as we may need to communicate our positions on issues during the restoration process with State Representatives and DPR.


Donate to the Campaign – We still need funds to run the campaign. More importantly we are saving the bulk of donated funds to have the ability to contribute, at the end of the project, should there be any monetary shortfall to complete the restoration. All donated money will be used in the campaign or go directly to the Bridge.




Historic Covered Bridge Renovation and Malakoff Solar Projects Move Forward

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Recently, the CBS and NBC Television Affiliates from Sacramento traveled out to Bridgeport to talk with Matt Green and Doug Moon about our beloved covered bridge and its eminent and full restoration scheduled for 2018...In case you didn't catch it on the news, the following two links will take you to the stories.

Repairing a piece of history...

Bridge gets $4 million restoration...


Governor Signs Budget to Fund Full Restoration of Historic Wood Covered Bridge at Bridgeport

Thanks to Governor Brown, State Legislators, and Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), the funding to save the longest, single span wood covered bridge left in the world is assured.


DPR reports there is $4.128m in the approved 2017-2018 budget allocated for the renovation of this historical treasure.

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Governor’s Proposed Budget allocates $3,226,000 to the Bridgeport Bridge Restoration Project for 2017-18

On Tuesday, January 10, 2017, California Governor Edmond G. Brown released the proposed 2017-18 State Budget which included an allocation of $3,226,000 for the construction costs for restoration of the Bridgeport Bridge in Nevada County. Specifically, the funds are being allocated through the Department of Parks and Recreation’s State Building Program Expenditures. This achievement was due to advocacy work by the Save Our Bridge Campaign Committee (S.O.B.), the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL) and District IV Supervisor, Hank Weston.

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Supervisor Weston, Save Our Bridge Campaign Committee and SYRCL meet with CA Department of Parks & Recreation Director on Bridgeport Bridge Restoration Project


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Photo Credits: Herb Lindberg (banner), Steve Pauly, John Field