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Come discover the many faces of the South Yuba River. Wander through the history of Bridgeport's covered bridge and wagons, pan for a golden treasure, escape to a hidden swimming hole, roam trails surrounded by wildflowers, and so much more.

Tucked away in scenic and historic Nevada County, South Yuba River State Park has a little something for everybody. The patchwork park boundaries form a “string of pearls” for 20 miles along the river, including four historic bridges, miles of hiking trails, and the nation’s only wheelchair-accessible wilderness trail, the Independence Trail. The river’s beauty and solitude has long inspired the dedication and stewardship of those who know it best. Come experience your state park, and let the river work its magic on you.

Save Our Bridge Committee Needs Your Help Now

There has been a breakthrough in the campaign to save the iconic wood covered bridge at the South Yuba River State Park. On March 20, 2014 the California Senate Budget Sub-committee recommended allocating $1million from Proposition 84 funds to restore and reopen the bridge. The funding proposal now moves to the Assembly Budget Sub-committee hearing on April 23, 2014. We now need to convince the Assembly Budget Sub-committee to support the Senate sub-committee’s proposal.

This is where you come in.  Between now and April 23, 2014, we need you to contact these legislators and convince them to support this item in the budget. There are links on this page to the Save Our Bridge Campaign that will take you to more information and a sample letter/email to send to the State Assembly Sub-committee. Please take a few minutes to make your voice be heard. Let’s reopen this historic bridge and take a walk together into California’s storied past.

Visitor Center hours: 11am to 4pm all days from Memorial Day to Labor Day and Thursday to Sunday from Labor Day to Memorial Day.

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